Meeting Emma Bridgewater

On Monday, July 19th, Julia, and Joan took a day off baking!
 Joined by myself (Liz) and our good friend and guest teashop waitress Liz Cole - we all went to meet Emma Bridgewater to celebrate her 25th year in business! Congratulations!

A very early start for us all, but very much worth it! We travelled to Stoke on Trent to visit the famous Emma Bridgewater factory. Greeted with Tea and Coffee in a beautiful garden, we had a fantastic tour of the factory (where Julia had a go at making plates!), a delicious lunch, and a trip to a local museum, where Emma has a display of all of her most famous and distinctive pottery.
Following lunch we got to paint our own 1/2 pint mugs. We certainly appreciate all the hard work that goes into making them now that we've had a go ourselves.

 After a good giggle in the pottery studio we had an exclusive preview of all of the new products for Autum/Winter, and had a browse at the Factory shop.

  Ros and Cecelia from Bookham's "Look Local" magazine also visited the factory - we hope you had a nice time ladies!

Photos to follow at a later date - so keep checking the blog.
Orders being taken now for Emma Bridgewater glassware and pottery!

Happy Shopping!

J&L x

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  1. This was a lovely tea shop.Sadly gone